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Singaporean have the dubious distinction of being the second biggest gamblers in the world.  But is this really the case?  The general perception is that Chinese must gamble. It’s in the genes. But more than half the gamblers who come to Singapore’s casino are non-Singaporeans.  Lawyer,  S Suressh questions Singapore’s label as one of the world’s top gambling nations. He says that statistics can be misleading. One of the reason he believes gambling figures are so high in Singapore is that the society is highly regulated. In other countries,  statistics, he says, are guestimates and do not necessarily accurately reflect the levels of gambling.  Having worked in many overseas countries he believes the profile of gambling is higher in countries like Australia. He said in 2012, the Australian government did a review and estimated that 1 billion is being lost to online gambling each year which is illegal.
But the counsellors on the panel felt that Chinese are drawn to gambling. Counsellor Dick Lum from the One Hope Centre, says that 60-70 per cent of his clients are Chinese and Pastor Billy Lee said more than 90 per cent of people seeking counselling for gambling addiction were Chinese. Most too were from the Heartlands of Singapore.  Dr Winslow supports the racial profile. He says that there are different groups, which have a pre-disposition to different forms of gambling. And when it comes to gambling the data in Singapore is mainly Chinese.
Host: Kenneth Liang
Speakers : Mabel Chou, Dr. Munidasa Winslow, Dick Lum, Suzann Sing, Yap Wai Ming, Billy Lee, S. Suresh, Bryan Tan
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