Bankruptcy Attorney Talks Plastic Surgery

Here at the PlasticVisions website, we like to get input and commentary from all walks of life…including low-life-blood-sucking lawyers. Unfortunately we were only able to find the most awesome bankruptcy attorney in the world, Jessica Hoff to talk about her feelings on cosmetic surgery.

You may be thinking, “why do I care what a female lawyer in Houston has to say about plastic surgery?”

And, if that is what you are thinking then shame on you. I bet you’ve probably man-splained your way into more trouble than we care to mention here and we would like to thank Mrs. Hoff for participating in our survey and allowing us to pontificate on her thoughts.

Q: Have you had cosmetic surgery before?
A: No, but it’s definitely something I might consider in the future.

Q: Do you feel like a lot of female attorneys would consider breast implants, lipo, or rhinoplasty?
A: It’s hard to say, I think anyone who believes that an elective surgery would help them in some way…that person should talk it over with their doctor to see if it’s a good option.

Q: Do many Houston lawyers worry about their physical appearance?
A: I think all of us want to appear professional and have a certain fashion or style that allows our clients to trust and believe in us. My law firm works very hard for our clients and if something as trivial as my appearance were to hurt my ability to represent a client, I would definitely try to remedy that.

And there you have it folks, straight from the lawyers mouth. Mrs. Hoff was not very controversial in this article but she definitely speaks from the heart. Thanks for being such a great sport Jessica. And if you need any kind of financial help (in a legal sense) please check out her Houston Bankruptcy Channel on YouTube.

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